Friday, 11 November 2011

Olympic Canoe Sprint Tickets

Canoe sprint takes place on a straight course separated in lanes  on calm water. Each boat has own designated lane, except for races over more than 1000 m, where there also may be turning points. Men race in canoes and in kayaks, women in kayaks except in Canada and the United States where women's canoe is an event raced at both Canada Games and National Championships. For each race a number of heats, semi-finals and a final may be necessary, depending on the number of competitors.

The official boats recognized by the ICF as ‘International Boats are the following: K1, K2, K4, C1, C2 and C4, where the number indicates the number of paddlers, “K” stands for kayak and “C” for Canadian or canoe, depending on location. Kayaks have a steering rudder, which is operated by the front most paddler with his feet; in a kayak a paddler is sitting, while in a canoe he is kneeling on one knee.

The ICF rules for these boats define, among others, the maximum length, the minimum weight and the shape of the boats. For example, by ICF rules, a K1 is at most 520 cm long, and weighs at least 8 kg for marathons or 12 kg for sprints. In 2000, after the Olympic Games in Sydney, the ICF withdrew width restrictions on all boats, spurring a fury of innovations in boat designs. Some famous kayak marathon racers are Ivan Lawler, a seven-time world champion, and Anna Hemmings, a three-time world champion. At Olympic level, Hungary was the most successful canoeing nation overall in Sydney 2000, whilst Germany topped the Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 canoeing medal tables.

First time Canoe Sprint was introduced in Olympic Games in 1936, Berlin only men participated but from 1948, London both male and female athletes were allowed to participate. Olympic Canoe Sprint at 2012 London Olympics Games requires competitors to be more powerful and speedy. Olympic Canoe Sprint will take place at Eton Dorney from 6 Aug to 11 Aug in London 2012 Olympic. 246 athletes will fight for 12 Medals. There was a enormous requisite for Canoe Sprint Tickets from the Canoe Sprint fans throughout the world. Olympic Canoe Sprint Tickets are available at Sport Ticket Exchange at affordable rates. Olympic Games devotees should take steps hurriedly to get their London Olympic Tickets from sport ticket Exchange.

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